Rationale – Second call

The second call for the 2018 SOCHIAS Assembly is set for April 12, 2018. During the first call (January 22) the formal quorum was not achieved. Note that for this call the requirement for a minimum quorum does not apply.


At the Extraordinary Assembly, there will be a call for vote for changes on the Society’s rules. SOCHIAS has taken (again) all the (expensive) legal measures for these changes to take place, and the vote will take place REGARDLESS on the number of members that attend the vote.

If you cannot attend, please have a representative at the meeting voting for you. We would like the change of statutes to have the support of a large fraction of our members.

More information on the proposed changes and procedures may be found in this page.


Please let us know if you plan to attend the Assembly. It will be helpful for those that wish to have a representative at the meeting to know who is coming. To register please fill out the form linked below. Registration is free of charge and it is open to all of SOCHIAS’ members, however, only *active SOCHIAS members are allowed to vote.

Please register if you are coming or if you are sending a representative. It will help us gauge the room and paperwork needed.


*to be an active SOCHIAS member, fees for 2017 must be paid before the assembly.



18:00 Extraordinary Assembly (Asamblea Extraordinaria): Attendance recording, Discussion, and Vote (with Notary present)

How to get there

For instructions on how to get to Cerro Calán, follow this link.  

Last update: March 26, 2018.