The Giant Magellan Telescope Organization (GMTO) will be hosting the seventh annual GMT Community Science Meeting on September 19-21. More details are below.

The Cosmic Baryon Cycle: Impact on Galaxy Evolution

The Seventh Annual GMT Community Science Meeting, sponsored by GMTO Corporation, will be held from September 19-21, 2019 in Carlsbad, California.

The rich taxonomy of galaxies we observe today is understood to be regulated by two competing processes: accretion and feedback. Understanding the intricate exchange of regular matter between star-forming regions and the intergalactic space and its impact on subsequent galaxy growth remains a primary goal in astrophysics research. This meeting will bring together leading theorists and observers to discuss the latest progress in studying baryonic flows in and out of galaxies with an outlook towards key growth areas in the era of giant telescopes. The participants are expected to address the following key questions:

  • What are theoretical expectations and (in)direct evidence for accretion on scales of galaxy halos (~100 kpc) to scales of galaxy disks (~few kpc) at any redshift?
  • What are theoretical expectations and (in)direct evidence for feedback on these same disk and halo scales?
  • What are the extent and distinguishing signatures (kinematic, elemental abundances, etc.) of different feedback mechanisms, e.g., starburst, AGN, environmental?

Registration is now open: check for more details.