XVI SOCHIAS meeting goes Online

Dear colleagues,
On behalf of the LOC, I send this email to inform you that we recently decided to modify the “XVI meeting of the Chilean Astronomical Society“, which was expected to be in Temuco during 8-12 December 2020, to an online version on the same days.

The decision is taken after a careful evaluation, together with the representatives from the Universidad de la Frontera (UFRO), of all the eventual complications that could appear during the event, especially those related to preventing and protective measures from the national and local authorities for the Eclipse 2020, and the high-risk on affecting the health of our participants.

We hope you understand that these complications escape from our control. We consider that the online version is our best option for these difficult times we are living as society. We already started conversations with REUNA to have their guidance for this activity.

For all of you who already paid the registration fee, a separate email will be sent to you, including information about payment’s return. Please note that for this new online version, no registration fee will be required.

For those registered, during the next following weeks you should receive instructions for the online participation.

Finally, in case you have not registered yet, please note that you can still send your poster contribution until August 31st, 2020

Kind regards,
Edo Ibar
Chair LOC SOCHIAS meeting at UFRO