Scientific Program Wednesday, December 9

Last update: October 28, 2020.

Márcio Catelán: to be announced
 Session 1: ISMSession 2: Galaxies Session 3: Instrumentation
10.45-11.15Alvarez, Rodrigo (UdeC)→ California Molecular Cloud: Gas kinematics of a Rotating “sleeping giant” Ricardo Amorin (ULS) →Dissecting the complex properties of local Lyman continuum leakers:Analogues of reionization galaxiesHolger Drass (PUC)→ The first Chilean 3U-CubeSat space telescope designed to protect our dark night skies 
11.15-11.30Ordenes, Camila (PUC)→ Line-of-sight coordinate of gas and dust clouds in the Milky Way’s Nuclear Star ClusterIbar, Edo (UV)→ The molecular gas and dust content in ‘typical’ star-forming galaxies at z 1.46 & 2.23 as revealed by ALMA Rojo, Particio (UCH)→ CNTAC: Chilean Telescope Allocation Committee 
11.45-12.00Gutierrez, Nicol (UdeC)→ Accretion processes in filaments Orellana, Gustavo (UCSC)→ Cosmic evolution of molecular gas mass density from an empirical relation between L_1.4GHz and L_CO Navarro, Julio (UdeC)→ Distortion analysis of primary reflector of CS radio-telescope under external weather conditions 
12.00-12.15Zamponi, Joaquin (NPE)→ Analysis of synthetic column density derivations in massive prestellar coresLlerena, Mario (ULS)→  Unveiling the properties of CIII] 1909 emitters at z=2-4 in the ultra- λ deep VANDELS survey Suarez, Alexandra (UdeC)→ KuPol Spectropolarimeter Calibration 
12.15 -12.30Ortigoza, Mario (UDA)→ Disentangling the Chemical Composition of Resonant trapping in thegalactic disc and its relation with moving groups-New aspects revealed from APOGEE-2 data release 16
Katherine Henríquez (UdeC)→ CO and [CI] observations of the molecular gas of a typical massive galaxy at z ∼ 2
TBD: Instrumentation
12:30-14:00LUNCH (60 minutes) + 30 min. poster presentations
Jane Greaves: to be announced
 Session 1: Stars Session 2: Galaxies Session 3a: Outreach 
14.45-15.15Zorotovic, Mónica (UV)The fraction of magnetic white dwarfs observed among different populations Yara Jaffe (UV)→ The effect of cluster environment on spiral galaxiesPaulina Troncoso (UCEN)→ Listening the Eclipses and Diversity in our surrounding
15.15-15.30Espinoza, Francisca (PUC)→ Are the components of wide binaries truly co-chemical?: Prospects for chemical taggingCrossett, Jacob (UV)→ Identification of ram pressure stripping in large samples with morphological analysis  Beamin, Juan Carlos (UA)→  Science and astronomy outreach: The science communication center case 
15.30-15.45Vuckovic, Maja (UV)→ Can binary evolution models explain the observed correlations? Pallero Astargo, Diego (ULS)→ Too dense to go through. Critical density to quench the star formation  Durán, Maria Fernanda (SOCHIAS)→ Breaking the Barriers: Support to make outreach activities inclusive 
Session 1: Stars Session 2: GalaxiesSession 3b: Solar System 
16.00-16.15Méndez, Rene (UCH) → A speckle astrometric survey of binary stars  Tejos, Nicolas (PUCV)→ Witnessing the baryon cycle of galaxies through gravitational-arc tomographySébastien Bouquillon (UCH) → Combining asteroid science with the Gaia ground based optical tracking
16.15-16.30Hernández, Stephania (UV)→ The White Dwarf Binary Pathway Survey Hamel, Magdalena (UCH)→  3D modeling of the circumgalactic medium for gravitational-arc tomography 
16.30-16.45Soto, Piera (ULS)→ Characterizing the Symbiotic Population in the Magellanic Clouds  Argudo-Fernández, Maria (PUCV)→ Understanding the merging process: the unusual case of an isolated galaxy triplet Tavernier, Adrien (UDA)→ The astrobiological potential of the Chilean Puna de Atacama 
16.45-17.00Celedón, Lientur (UdeC)→ Doppler tomography of AU Monocerotis during high and low state Beltrand, Camila (ULS)→ Resolved kinematics of a stellar halo outside the Local Group using MUSE observations Mansir, Giovannina (UCH)→ HiDef Neighbors: Solar System Bodies as Exoplanet Analogs 
17.00-17.15Punjabi, Venkat (UDA)→ Light curve analysis of the eclipsing binary TIC33864821 detected by TESS mission Mora Urrejola, Catalina (ULS)→ VERTICAL ASYMMETRIES IN NEARBY LATE-TYPE GALAXIES Rojo, Patricio (UCH)→ Atmospheric response of Io to Jovian eclipse as observed with ALMA 
17.15-17.50Discussion sessionDiscussion sessionDiscussion session