Scientific Program Thursday, December 10

Last update: October 28, 2020

Simon White: to be announced
 Session 1: StarsSession 2: Galaxies Session 3: Numerical Techniques
10:15-10:45Araya, Ignacio (UMayor) →Massive stars and their hydrodynamic wind regimes. Rodrigo Herrera-Camus (UdeC)→ A Far-Infrared View of the Interstellar Medium of Galaxies Near and FarDiego Calderón →  Radiation hydrodynamics simulations of wind-reprocessed transients 
10:45-11:00Chené, André-N. (GEMINI)→ Dependence of Wolf-Rayet wind clumping on the surface temperature Haines, Christopher (UDA)→ VIPERS: Tracking the evolution of galaxy populations over the last eight billion years Gómez-Leyton, Yuvineza (UCN) → Rotating astrophysical system under an external potential well: A thermodynamic study of axial-symmetric solutions 
 Session 1: StarsSession 2: Galaxies Session 3: Numerical Techniques
11:15-11:30Cuadra, Jorge (UAI)→ Disc formation out of stellar winds in the Galactic centre Boquien, Médéric (UA)→  Modern dust emission templates for star-forming galaxies Sánchez, Paula (PUC)→ The ALeRCE light curve classifier 
11:30-11:45Vieira, Katherine (UDA) → Red Be stars in the Magellanic Clouds Apostolovski, Yordanka (UNAB) → Ly-alpha tomography towards a proto-cluster at z~4.3  Cenzano, Carolina (PUC) → Machine Learning techniques for Steam Detection in the Milky Way halo 
11:45 -12:00Ferrada, Simón (UdeC) → The 3D structure of CO depletion in star-forming regionsPérez, Victoria (UCH)→ The Environmental Dependence of Ly-alpha Emission from High Redshift Galaxies Castillo, Francisco (PUC) → Simulations of the magnetic field evolution in neutron star cores in the strong-coupling regime 
12:00-12:15Pezzolla, Fabrizzio (PUC)→ A study on a possible bi-modal IMF distribution of Lupus IIICerulo, Pierluigi (UdeC)– The Morphological Evolution of Galaxies across Environment and RedshiftRojas, Karina (EPFL)→ Lens finding using neural network 
12:15-12:30 Ohnaka, Keiichi (UCN)→ Milliarcsecond-resolution infrared interferometric imaging of the compact dust disk around the AGB star HR3126 at the center of the Toby Jug Nebula Morelli, Lorenzo (UDA) → Disentangling stellar populations of Nuclear Stellar DiscsMoya, Cristobal (PUC) → Morphological studies in large data set 
 12:30-14:00LUNCH (60 minutes) + 30 min. poster presentations
Marcelle Soares-Santos: Cosmology and astrophysics in the era of multi-messenger astronomy with gravitational waves
 Session 1: Stars Session 2: Transients and galaxies Session 3: Local Universe
14:45-15:15Morten Andersen (GEMINI) → The secrets of young massive star clusters revealed by GeMS/GSAOIGiuliano Pignata (UNAB)  → ALeRCE enabling science: spectroscopic observations of infant Supernovae Martínez-Vázquez, Clara (CTIO) → Tracing the early chemical evolution of Local Group dwarf galaxies using RR Lyrae stars 
15:15-15:30Obasi, Casmir (UNAB) → The confirmation of two new Bulge Globular Clusters in the Milky Way: FSR19 and FSR25 Meza, Nicolás (UC Davis)→ Progenitor constraints of Core-Collapse Supernovae: Precursor masses and explosive niquel yieldsVivas, Kathy (CTIO)→ RR Lyrae Stars in Nearby Ultra-faint Dwarf Satellite Galaxies from Gaia 
15:30-15:45Gran Merino, F. (PUC/MAS/ESO)→ New globular cluster candidates in the bulge region of the Milky Way Pineda García, Jonathan → A new technique to study bolometric light curves of Stripped Envelope Supernovae — (D) UNABSalinas, Ricardo (GEMINI)→ Unearthing the true population of short-period variables in the Magellanic Clouds
 Session 1: Stars Session 2: Transients and galaxies Session 3: Local Universe
16:00-16:15Mauro, Francesco (UCN) → Photometric study of Galactic stellar systems Alessi52 and Pal7 Olivares E., Felipe (UDA)→ Search, Discovery & Follow-up of Gravitational Wave Optical CounterpartsNagar, Neil (UdeC)– The Event Horizon Telescope: Can we image 1000 black hole shadows? 
16:15-16:30Gotta, Vanessa (UCN)→ Evolution in the populations of Terzan 5 Quirola, Jonathan (PUC) → Searching Extragalactic X-ray transients in the Chandra Data Release Catalog 2.0Alarcón, Alex (UdeC) → Chemodynamical tracers for the formation of dwarf spheroidal galaxies -Leo I vs Simulations
16:30-16:45Valenzuela, Alvaro (PUC/MAS)→ Kinematic characterization of VVV star clusters candidatesNúñez, Consuelo (PUCV)→ Searching for optical transients associated to Fast Radio BurstsHartke, Johanna (ESO)→ A multi-tracer view on the assembly of galaxies in the Leo I group 
16:45-17:00Geisler, Douglas (UdeC/ULS)→ CAPOS: the bulge Cluster APOgee Survey Milla, Fernanda (ULS) → VVV survey and the Large-Scale Structure of the Universe Dametto, Natacha (UA)→ A panchromatic study of the stellar populations in NGC 4303 
17:00-17:15Garro, Elisa (UNAB)→ Photometric characterization of new globular clusters in the Galactic Bulge from the VVV Survey Vega, Cristian (ULS) → Ram pressure profiles in group and clustersKundu, Richa (ESO)→ Extra-tidal tails of the clusters in sgr dSp galaxy
17:15-17:50Discussion sessionDiscussion sessionDiscussion session
18:00-20:00Foro de conversación científica