Scientific Program Friday, December 11

Last Update: October 28, 2020.

Erminia Calabrese: The Atacama Desert’s view of the microwave sky
 Session 1: Stars Session 2: Galaxies Session 3: Cosmology
10.15-10.45Leigh, Nathan (UdeC) → Chaos in the Gravitational Three-Body Problem Raphael Gobat (PUCV) →  Galaxy and galaxy cluster coevolution at early times Gonzalo Palma (UCH)→ Seeding primordial black holes
10.45-11.00Arenas, Javier → Elastic deformation by rotation of neutron star crust — (D) PUCVNantais, Julie (UNAB)→ Before the Star Formation-Density Relation? Star Formation Main Sequence in SpARCS High Redshift Cluster Sample Peña, Greco (UV)→ Non-Gaussian initial conditions in N-body simulations 
11.15-11.30Moraga, Nicolás (PUC)→ Coupled Thermal and Magnetic Evolution in Neutron Stars CoresLacerna, Ivan (UDA) → Galactic conformity around galaxy clusters at z~0 Palma, Daniela (UV)→ A momentum coupling between dark matter and dark energy: consequences at small scales 
11.30-11.45Becerra, Laura (PUC)→ The Stability of the Magnetic Field in Stratified Stars Lourenco, Ana (UV)→ Jellyfish galaxies in violent environments.  Paillas, Enrique (PUC)→ Cosmological constraints from redshift-space distortions around clusters and voids
11.45 -12.00Uzundag, Murat (UV/ESO)→ The First Volume Limited Sample of Hot Subdwarf B stars Lima-Dias, Ciria (ULS)→ Hydra Cluster: A structural and physical analysis Gonzalez, Valentino (UCH) → The REBELS ALMA Large Program: The Brightest Galaxies in the Epoch of Reionization
12.00-12.15Beamin, Juan C. (UAutonoma)→ Towards a complete sample of ultracool dwarfs within 30pc Troncoso-Iribarren, Paulina (UCEN)→  The better half in large scale surveys – Asymmetric star-formation due to ram pressure Aguilera-Gómez, Claudia (UNAB)→ Lithium in RGB stars of globular clusters: from cosmology to stellar evolution 
12.15-12.30Mejías, Andrea (UNAB)→ M dwarfs in the VVVX survey: A census of the lowest mass stars Kelkar, Kshitija (UV) → Galaxy evolution in merging clusters: A case study of Abell 3376Kalari, Venu (UCH)→ Near-field cosmology with metal-poor stars: Births and deaths of stars in the Magellanic Clouds
 12:30-14:00LUNCH (60 minutes) + 30 min. poster presentations
Juna Kollmeier: to be announced
 Session 1: Milky WaySession 2: AGN/high-energy proc. Session 3: Exoplanets
14.45-15.15Navarrete, Camila (ESO)→ Revealing Magellanic stars in the Milky Way halo Claudio Ricci (UDP) → The destruction and recreation of the innermost regions of an accreting massive black holeZurlo, Alice (UDP)→ Past, present and future of the direct detection of exoplanets
15.15-15.30Rojas-Arriagada, Alvaro (PUC/MAS)→ Studying the bulge stellar populations towards the Galactic plane with APOGEE López-Navas, Elena (UV) → X-ray variability in AGNs via RMS spectral fittingJenkins, James (UCH)→ Discovery and characterisation of the first ulta-hot Neptune planet 
15.30-15.45Navarro, María G. (UNAB)→ Microlensing events and RR Lyrae stars in the Galactic BulgeDiaz, Yaherlyn (UV) Constraining X-ray reflection in the LLAGN NGC 3718 with NuSTAR and XMM-NewtonJones, Matias (ESO)→ The intriguing planetary system orbiting the giant star HIP 63242
16.00-16.15  Alonso-García, Javier (UA) Variable stars in the innermost Galactic globular clusters  Kakkad, Darshan (ESO)→ Spatially resolved ionized gas kinematics and scaling relations in z~2 AGN host galaxiesRamirez, Ricardo (UCH)→  Transmission Spectroscopy to ultra hot Neptune LTT 9779 b 
16.15-16.30Luna, Alonso (UNAB) → Hypervelocity Stars in the Galactic Bulge using the VVV and Gaia surveys Scherer, Andrés (PUC)→  Very-High-Energy gamma-rays from the Galactic Center Generated by Cosmic Rays Aguayo, Aurora (UV)→ Multi-wavelength study of the transitional disk MP Mus –
16.30-16.45Blaña, Matias (MPE)→ Dwarfs in the Milky Way Outer Rim: first in-fall or backsplash satellites? Couto, Guilherme (UA)– Powerful ionized gas outflows in the interacting radio alaxy 4C+29.30 Reinarz, Yared (UCN)→ Exoplanet direct imaging using Hubble data and PCA analysis 
16.45-17.00Nandakumar, Sangeetha (UDA) → Classification of TESS southern hemisphere targets Bernal, Santiago (UV)→ Kinematical properties of the ionized gas in the center of M87Garrido, Juan (PUC)→ Effects of the luminosity of a proto-planet on the proto-planetay disc’s dust 
17.00-17.30Discussion sessionDiscussion sessionDiscussion session