Instructions for presenters (posters and talks)

The deadline for abstract submission has passed. No more abstracts will be received at this point.

General information for oral presentations

Online presentations will be conducted using the¬†Zoom¬†platform. Detailed instructions for speakers are being sent directly to you via email. We encourage you to continue the discussion in the dedicated Slack ( channel which has been created for your session (search for it in the “Browse Channels” tab).

General information for poster presentations

Posters are already displayed in digital format in the following link Please note that at this stage it is not possible to edit the content of the posters.

To get higher visibility, it is encouraged to continue the discussion in the dedicated Slack ( channel #posters which has been created for you to respond or interact with the rest of the participants.

Below you can find the previous instructions communicated directly to authors of selected poster contributions via email

Posters are displayed in digital format (please note that posters should be modified with respect to the traditional printed format). You must submit your poster to before November 16th, 2020.

  • The poster template is attached to this email in two different formats (.pptx and .odt). The file name is Formato poster SOCHIAS2020. Please DO NOT modify this template and ensure your written text and images are enclosed within the provided limits (blue rectangles).
  • Use only the Fonts included in the file (unzip and install it in your favorite text editor).
  • You may use the file “Ejemplo Formatos.jpg” as a reference. This is a page from a digital magazine published by REUNA. The same software used to create this magazine will be used here to create the posters. Please note the font sizes in every section of this page. We recommend using similar font sizes; otherwise, the content of your poster may not be displayed properly.
  • Independently of the original format used to edit your contribution (e.g. .pptx, .odt, etc), you must send the final version of your poster to in PDF format.

We strongly encourage you to follow the instructions mentioned above before submitting your poster; otherwise, your contribution might be excluded from publication. Any questions shoud be sent to

Last updated on December 4, 2020.