The poster presentations will be divided in two days; some will be on Friday 13th and the rest on Saturday 14th.

Some of them were talks that could not be accomodated as such and were converted into posters. In those cases, in addition to the paper-poster you will have 1 min. to show 1 slide in a dedicated poster-session before the afternoon coffee break.

The posters measurements must be 1 mt. (height) X 0,9 mt. (width).

Friday 13th

First Name Last Name Institution Position Poster session
Andrés Almeida UNAB Master Graduate
Sanzia Alves PUC Postdoctoral fellow
Ignacio Araya UV PhD student
Catalina Arcos UV PhD student
Paz Bluhm PUC PhD student INSTRUM
Jura Borissova UV Senior-astronomer
Paula Calderón Castillo UDEC PhD student
Abdo Campillay Saavedra ULS Master student
Francisco Castillo DAS PhD student
Nelvy Choque UDEC Master student
Juan Pablo Cordero DAS Master student
Johanna Coronado PUC Master student
Katherine Cortés UDEC PhD student
Marilyn Cruces PUC Master student PNe+SNe
Raúl Domínguez UDEC Master student
Verónica Firpo ULS Postdoctoral fellow
Sergio Flores Tulián UDA Senior-astronomer
Heinz Frelijj Rubilar UDEC Master student
Santiago González Gaitan DAS Postdoctoral fellow
Felipe Gran PUC Master student PNe+Sne
Mariusz Gromadzki UV Postdoctoral fellow PNe+Sne
Claudia Gutiérrez DAS/ESO PhD student PNe+Sne
Pablo Huentelemu DAS Master student
Hanindyo Kuncarayakti MAS/DAS Postdoctoral fellow
Paul Leyton PUC Master student
Nicolás Medina UV Master student
Alejandra Melo UDEC Master student
Josefina Michea PUC Master student
César Muñoz UDEC PhD student
Sudeep Neupane DAS PhD student
José Luis Nilo Castellón ULS Postdoctoral fellow
Valeria Olivares UDEC Master student
Luis Rodríguez P.U.C. Master student PNe+Sne
Jaime A. Rosales G. UDEC PhD student PNe+Sne
Fernando Selman ESO Senior-astronomer INSTRUM
Marcelo Tala Pinto PUC Master student INSTRUM
Mónica Taormina UDEC PhD student INSTRUM
Jaime Vargas González ULS Master student INSTRUM

Saturday 14th

First Name Last Name Institution Position Poster Session
Carolina Agurto Gangas UV Master student Stars
Rodrigo Alonso DAS Master student BH+AGNs
Simón Ángel PUC PhD student BH+AGNs
Francisco Aros PUC Master student Stars
Joanne Breitfelder LESIA /ESO PhD student Stars
Julio A. Carballo-Bello UV Postdoctoral fellow Stars
Jesus M Corral-Santana PUC Postdoctoral fellow BH+AGNs
Carla Fuentes UDEC Master student BH+AGNs
Lluís Galbany DAS Postdoctoral fellow PNe+Sne
Sofía Gallego PUC Master student BH+AGNs
Diego Godoy ex-PUC Licenciado Stars
Stefan Kimeswenger UCN Senior-astronomer
Valery Kravtsov UDA Senior-astronomer Stars
Dante Minniti UNAB Senior-astronomer Stars
Yasna Ordenes PUC PhD student BH+AGNs
Grecco Oyarzún DAS Master student
Tali Palma PUC Postdoctoral fellow
Ricardo Pantoja UDEC-UC PhD student Stars
Sebastián Pereira DAS Master student BH+AGNs
Ósmar Rodríguez UNAB PhD student
Carol Rojas PUC Master student
Lia Sartori ETH Zurich PhD student
María Paz Sepúlveda PUC Master student
Jacqueline Serón ULS Master student Stars
Yun-Kyeong Sheen UDEC Postdoctoral fellow BH+AGNs
Roy Slater UDEC PhD student
Piera Soto King ULS Master student
Francisco Tello UCN Master student BH+AGNs
Sergio Torres Flores ULS Senior-astronomer
Natalie Ulloa ULS Master student
Aldo Valcarce PUC Postdoctoral fellow Stars
Camila Valenzuela UDEC Master student
Sergio Vásquez PUC PhD student Stars
Orlando Vásquez UDEC Master student
Vicente Villanueva Llanos UV Master student
Jaime Villaseñor Riquelme ULS Master student
Carol Rojas PUC Master student