Universidad Católica de la Santísima Concepción (UCSC), Chile, invites applications for a faculty position at assistant professor level. The requirements are a Ph.D. degree in astronomy/astrophysics or related fields, and a demonstrated ability and commitment to excellence in independent research. Candidates working on exoplanets will be prioritized, but the position is open to all areas of astrophysics, and should be able to teach effectively at all levels in Spanish.

UCSC recently started research in astrophysics, expecting to consolidate a working group in the foreseeable future, but maintains close collaboration with local and international research institutions. Concepcion is a seaside and vibrant city located 500 km south of Santiago, chosen (2019) as the chilean city with the best quality of life.

The successful applicant will have access to the 10% of time guaranteed to Chilean institutions on all observatories based in Chile, namely ESO/Paranal-La Silla, Las Campanas, CTIO, Gemini, ALMA, and APEX and future observatories such as LSST, ELT, GMT, and CTA. Teaching duties are mainly focused on physics for engineers and astrophysics in the future.

Applicants should submit a single PDF including CV with list of publications, cover letter, research statement and future research plans, as well as two reference letters to concursos@ucsc.cl indicating in the subject line “Cargo: Doctor en Astronomía. Facultad de Ingeniería” and code “ING-03”, by August 13th, 2020. Further information can be obtained at www.ucsc.cl or from Nicola Astudillo-Defru at nastudillo@ucsc.cl.