Universidad de Santiago de Chile (USACH) is looking to sponsor applicants for the “Convocatoria Nacional Subvención a la Instalación en la Academia 2020”. The grant is funded by the Chilean science research agency ANID. If the grant is awarded, it will fund the first 36 months of a tenure-track Assistant Professorship position with a starting date in early to mid 2021 at USACH.
This proposal is part of an institutional effort to create the first Astrophysics research group at USACH, a public institution with an overall population of 22,000 students and more than 400 physics undergrads. This proposal will allow the incorporation of an astrophysicist to the Physics Department and join the institutional project of Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Astrophysics, Astroinformatics and Space Exploration.
USACH currently has astrophysics research in the fields of planet formation and pulsars in the Physics Department. Physics also hosts a well established group on gravitation and cosmology. In addition, the Informatics Department has developed a group on astroinformatics. These groups are currently joining forces with other disciplines at USACH to create the Center for Astrophysics, Astroinformatics and Space Exploration.  We are looking to expand and seek motivated researchers in astronomy and astrophysics to help develop astrophysics at USACH. Successful applicants are also expected to teach one course per semester.
Successful applicants will have access to the 10% of time guaranteed to Chilean institutions on all observing facilities based in the country (including VLT, ALMA, Gemini-South, Magellan, etc.) as well as the university’s resources. The Physics Department is based in USACH’s main campus in Santiago’s Estación Central district. USACH is an equal-opportunity employer and offers generous incentives for research.
USACH is committed to promoting equality and diversity, and, in addition to a strong research track record, the successful applicant(s) is thus encouraged to show commitment to developing the role and identifying the talent of under-represented groups in astronomy.
Prerequisites set by ANID’s grant (see also ANID’s website):
– Chilean citizenship or to have “permanencia definitiva” visa status for foreigners.
– Register in the “Portal del Investigador” website
– Have obtained the degree of Doctor after June 2013.
Interested applicants please send:
– Curriculum vitae with list of publications
– Research statement (max 3 pages)
– Provide the email addresses of two referees which could potentially provide a reference letter if requested.
Dates: The candidate selection deadline is 26th June 2020 (please send your documents before this date), while the ANID’s grant deadline is 30th June 2020.
The selected candidate(s) will then be sponsored by Prof. Sebastián Pérez and Prof. Roberto Bernal (Head of the Physics Department) and work with them to complete the application process. Please note that this is a two-step process, a selection by USACH does not guarantee selection by ANID. We encourage interested applicants to send their documents to Roberto Bernal (roberto.bernal@usach.cl), and Sebastián Pérez (sebastian.perez.ma@usach.cl).