Extreme Galaxies and their Extreme Environments as Probes of Galaxy Formation

IAU Symposium 359 – Galaxy Evolution and Feedback across Different Environments (GALFEED)

STAR CLUSTERS 2020: Star clusters and their role in the build-up of galaxies

Modelling Galaxies: the Synergies of Chemical and Panchromatic Models

NYRIA workshop 2019: Lisbon, Portugal

VIII LAPIS 2019: “Pulsations along Stellar Evolution”

Sharing One Sky III: SDSS APOGEE, and Astronomy Outreach

Seventh Annual GMT Community Science Meeting

La Serena School for Data Science 2019


Sharing One Sky III: SDSS APOGEE, and Astronomy Outreach

Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems (ADASS) Conference Series

Star Formation From Cores to Clusters

“Towards Science in Chile with LSST” 2016

Astrobiology 2017 – Research meeting by IAU’s commission F3

Accretion Processes in Symbiotic Stars and Related Objects

Sharing One Sky: SDSS, APOGEE, and Astronomy Outreach

Gemini Observatory mini-Workshop: Data Driven Modeling of Spectra using The Cannon

The Supernovae Through the Ages Conference

Resolving planet formation in the era of ALMA and extreme AO

Wide-field Variability Surveys: a 21st-century perspective

4th Scientific Writing for Young Astronomers

LSST Workshop, Nov 19-21, La Serena, Chile

Korea-Chile Workshop 2015, Dec 2 – 3, Santiago

Escuela Andina de Cosmología en Bogotá (online)

China-Chile Workshop 2013, Sept 9-11th, Viña del Mar