The panels for the posters measure 2.4 m height by 1 m width. We suggest that you use ISO A0 size (841 x 1189 mm) in portrait orientation, or some close size. The following guidelines are meant to assist you with the design and preparation of your poster but this will not be strictly enforced:

  • Font: Arial, Helvetica or Trebuchet are recommended for legibility.
  • Title: Bold, 72 pt font size. Sentence case.
  • Author: Italic, 54 pt font size.
  • Main Text: 26 pt font size.
  • References: 20 pt font size.

Please also note:

  • Although this is not confirmed as of February 3rd, we aim to have the poster boards ready to be used at the time of the accreditation, on Tuesday, March 1st. Ideally we prefer that the posters are all set up by the end of that day.
  • You are responsible for printing your poster. If you arrive in Antofagasta and you have not printed your poster yet, we may be able to suggest a couple of places offering printing services, but please note that the poster may not be ready by next day. Depending on the workload of the service provider, the poster may not be ready even by the weekend! We strongly advise you to avoid this risk by starting your trip with your poster ready.
  • The LOC will provide adhesive materiales and will help you to put up your poster. Please note that the provider of the panels expect that they are not damaged in any way by the end of the conference. Please be ready to use only the materials that will be provided by the LOC for this purpose.

The diagram below gives you a rough an idea of where the posters (and stands) will be located (click on the image for a larger version):

terraza sochias medium