General instructions

Please read carefully the following instructions and the meeting’s Code of conduct  before beginning the registration process.

  • Abstracts submission is separate from the registration proccess. Abstract submission is now OPEN, please read the ‘Abstract submission’ section for further details.
  • If you are so inclined to, please consider making a $10.000 or $20.000 donation to the student travel grant fund. This can be done by adding this amount to the registration fee payment or by making a separate deposit.
  • A proof of payment will be required on the registration form, so please, make sure to pay the fee before starting the registration process. Registration will not be completed until the form and proof of payment are received. See below for instructions of payment and information on registration fees.

Click here to access the registration form


Conference fees

All fees are listed in Chilean pesos (CLP) and Argentinian pesos (ARP).
After registration is completed you will have the following rights at the conference:
Access to all the scientific talks and poster sessions (Valid for Members, Non-members and Student categories).
Welcome reception and coffee breaks (all categories).

Student+ member* Student+ non member Member* Non member Companion++
Early Registration 
until May 22, 2018
$27.000 CLP
$900 ARP
$54.000 CLP
$1.800 ARP
$54.000 CLP
$1.800 ARP
$108.000 CLP
$3.600 ARP
$45.000 CLP
$1.500 ARP
Regular Registration
until September 7, 2018
$36.000 CLP
$1.200 ARP
$75.000 CLP
$2.500 ARP
$75.000 CLP
$2.500 ARP
$147.000 CLP
$4.900 ARP
$45.000 CLP
$1.500 ARP
Late Registration**
until October 7, 2018
$44.000 CLP
$1.450 ARP
$90.000 CLP
$3.000 ARP
$90.000 CLP
$3.000 ARP
$174.000 CLP
$5.800 ARP
$45.000 CLP
$1.500 ARP

* Member fees: To qualify for the Member categories you must be a registered member of SOCHIAS and/or AAA, and the corresponding member’s dues must be paid until 2018 inclusive.
Deadline for SOCHIAS membership applications: 2018-08-01. After this date, SOCHIAS cannot warrant that the membership will be processed in time for the meeting.
** The number of late registrations that will be accepted will be limited by the venue capacity. No talks can be proposed at this stage, only posters. Late registrations will not be considered for financial aid. Please note that we may close late registrations at any moment.
+ Students that are not a member of SOCHIAS or AAA must send proof of enrollment (certificado de alumno regular) in a pdf file to binational2018 <@> gmail <.> com, to complete the registration process.
++ The Companion category includes access to the welcome reception and coffee breaks during the conference.

Banquet fees Student member Student non-member Member Non-member Companion (of a member) Companion (of a non-member) Banquest sign up will be open until October 7.


How to pay from Argentina

To make things easier for our participants, both SOCHIAS and AAA will be receiving payments for the meeting. If you are paying with an Argentinian account, please pay directly to the AAA using the information below

Banco Nación
CBU 0110728120072800071597
Titular: Asociación Argentina de Astronomía
CUIT 30-70968119-9
Cuenta corriente en pesos

and send the payment confirmation via email to aaatesoreria [@] gmail [.] comThe AAA will send you an electronic invoice. Please specify any special requirements about the invoice in the body of the email.

How to pay from Chile or the rest of the world

If you are paying with a Chilean or an international account, please pay directly to SOCHIAS using the information below:

Name: Sociedad Chilena de Astronomia
Bank: Santander Account: 3-32408-7
RUN: 65.064.060-8
Email: tesorero <@> sochias <.> cl

If you are paying with an electronic bank transfer, please include in the comment section your name and the fees you are paying for (registration, companion, banquet).

Cancellation policy

If you need to cancel your registration, please send an email to reunion <@> sochias <.> cl. Please note that refunds will depend on the date that the cancellation email is received. Dates, fees and refunds are as follows:

– Cancellations received until 2018-05-31 will be fully refunded.
– Cancellations received until 2018-08-30 will receive a full refund minus a $10.000 CLP processing fee.
– Cancellations received until 2018-09-15 will receive a 50% refund.
– Cancellations received after 2018-09-15 will not be refunded.

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Who can apply?
Limited travel funds to support student participation will be available for this conference. Students in need of this kind of assistance to attend the meeting must indicate so in the GRANT FORM. Priority will be given to graduate students offering to contribute talks (preferred) or posters. Recipients will be notified via email along with further details and corresponding paperwork.

The application deadline for the travel grant is April 18, until noon (12:00pm, GMT-4).

How to apply?
Applicants are requested to complete the following document with additional details about the grant application. Successful applicants will be notified by e-mail.