Dear Colleague,

You are cordially invited to two ALMA proposal writing workshops being hosted at Santiago and Concepcion. The workshop in Santiago will be hosted at the Joint ALMA Observatory building in Vitacura on the 20th of March. The workshop in Concepcion will be hosted the 22nd of March at the Astronomy Department of the Universidad de Concepcion. These events are designed for all astronomers (including graduate students!), and in particular for those who do not regularly use radio data in their research, but might be interested in one day using ALMA or another NRAO facility. Even if you have attended an ALMA Community Day in the past, please feel free to come along and learn about the capabilities that are new for this year.

The one day workshop will provide an overview of all of ALMA’s capabilities, a brief discussion of mm interferometry fundamentals, and an overview of the proposal preparation and submission processes (note that this will be almost a month before the ALMA Cycle 7 deadline on April 17th). In the afternoon, there will be a hands on tutorial session to use the Observing Tool, and CASA to image and simulate interferometric data. Note you will need to bring your laptop for this afternoon session.

Registration is free, but limited to a maximum number of participants depending on room space. Lunch will be provided for registered participants (registrations one week prior to each event are greatly appreciated.) Please feel free to let your colleagues at neighbouring institutions know about the event; they are also welcome to register.

You can find more information about the registration, program and logistics in the workshop’s websites here:

Workshop at the ALMA building in Santiago the 20th of March: 

Workshop at the Astronomy Department – Universidad de Concepcion the 22nd of March: 

Feel free to email me with further questions.

We look forward to seeing you there!

David Rebolledo
ALMA Ambassador