La Serena, Chile, December 4 – 7, 2016

We are pleased to announce a joint Chile-Korea-Gemini workshop on accretion processes ​in symbiotic stars and related objects, to be held on December 4-7, 2016 in La Serena – Chile

First Announcement

In the most recent years the Chilean and the Korean astronomical communities have started a journey that should bring them closer and closer despite their maximal physical distances on Earth. Several initiatives at various official levels are fostering the most diverse collaborations on all aspects of forefront astrophysical investigation between research groups usually sitting on the opposite side of the Pacific Ocean.

The Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute (KASI), in particular, has promoted since 2015 a specific grant aimed at boosting such bilateral collaborations by funding common research projects, student exchange visits, and encouraging the organization of bilateral astrophysical workshops. The first Chile-Korea research project has been awarded to our team – whose members are from the Gemini Observatory, the Sejong University, the Chilean Millennium Institute of Astrophysics and the Las Campanas Observatory – to study accretion processes in symbiotic stars and young planetary nebulae.

In the framework of such a vibrant collaboration we are organizing a three-days workshop to be held in La Serena, Chile, on Dec. 4-7, 2016.

The workshop is organized by Gemini Observatory, Sejong University and University of La Serena, under the patronage of KASI. It aims at discussing various research activities on symbiotic stars and related objects, including theoretical and observational studies, with a particular emphasis on the characterization of accretion processes via high-resolution spectroscopy and fast photometry.

We will have a number of review talks given by ​a selected team of invited speakers, as well as plenty of room for oral and poster contributions on any subject related to the workshop main topic.

The participation of students is particularly encouraged. We are also preparing several social events: a welcome reception on Sunday 4th, a unique tour of Cerro Pachón, site of Gemini South telescope and of the upcoming LSST, as well as a typically Chilean social dinner in the spectacular setting of the Elqui Valley, on Wednesday 7th.

The deadline for registration is September 30, 2016 

We can offer financial support to cover the stay in La Serena: the deadline for requesting financial support is August, 31.

We have also prepared a list of suggested accommodations that the participants may take into account at the moment of booking their stay in La Serena. Please note that December is the beginning of the touristic season in Chile, and La Serena is a popular tourist destination in the (Chilean) summer. We thus recommend to arrange any booking well in advance.

Please check the meeting web page regularly for program updates and the latest news (

We sincerely hope this workshop will contribute toward strengthening even more such collaborative relation between the Chilean and the Korean astronomical communities. Looking forward to seeing you in La Serena!

Rodolfo Angeloni & Hee-Won Lee, on behalf of the SOC and LOC

Scientific Organizing Committee

Rodolfo Angeloni  (Chair, Gemini Obs., Chile)
Hee-Won Lee  (Co-Chair, Sejong Univ., Korea)
Francesco Di Mille  (Las Campanas Obs., Chile)
Tali Palma (UNAB, Chile)
Alexandre Roman-Lopes (ULS, Chile)
Rodolfo Barbá (ULS, Chile)

​​Local Organizing Committee

John Michael Plaza  (Chair, Gemini Obs.)
Veronica Firpo (ULS & Gemini Obs.)
Jeong-Eun Heo  (Sejong Univ.  & Gemini Obs.)
Amelia Ramírez (ULS)
Manuel Paredes (Gemini Obs.)
Lucia Medina (Gemini Obs.)