Discounted accommodation at the conference venue

Hotel Antofagasta is offering discounted accommodation for the participants in the meeting. To qualify for this rate you have to use the contact information below. If you call the normal booking phone number they may not be aware of this offer:

The special rates are:

  • Single: $60.000 + IVA
  • Doble: $66.000 + IVA (views of the town)
  • Doble: $73.500 + IVA (views of the sea)

Please note that you have to pay directly to the hotel; SOCHIAS won’t accept payments for acccommodation.

Other accommodation

The LOC does not directly deal with the accommodation of the participants in the meeting, so you must make your own arrangements for your stay. However, the following list of options may be of help, specially for students looking for inexpensive accommodation in Antofagasta. Please note that the listed prices were provided as a reference by SERNATUR. Pay attention to the quality stamps that highlight some of the options if this a concern for making a decision. Download the information by clicking here.