Second SAN Workshop

Sharing One Sky II

Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems (ADASS) Conference Series

Star Formation From Cores to Clusters

“Towards Science in Chile with LSST” 2016

Astrobiology 2017 – Research meeting by IAU’s commission F3

Accretion Processes in Symbiotic Stars and Related Objects

Sharing One Sky: SDSS, APOGEE, and Astronomy Outreach

Gemini Observatory mini-Workshop: Data Driven Modeling of Spectra using The Cannon

The Supernovae Through the Ages Conference

Resolving planet formation in the era of ALMA and extreme AO

Wide-field Variability Surveys: a 21st-century perspective

4th Scientific Writing for Young Astronomers

LSST Workshop, Nov 19-21, La Serena, Chile

Korea-Chile Workshop 2015, Dec 2 – 3, Santiago

Escuela Andina de Cosmología en Bogotá (online)

China-Chile Workshop 2013, Sept 9-11th, Viña del Mar