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The conference will consist of plenary sessions, parallel sessions and poster sessions.

Preliminary Program (03/09/3018) 

List of accepted posters (03/09/2018)

This is an international meeting and the official language will be English. We strongly believe that this makes a for a more inclusive meeting to our international colleagues working in different institutions both in Chile and Argentina.

  • Topics

– Extragalactic Astrophysics and Cosmology (AEC)

– Galactic Structure (EG)

– Stellar Astrophysics (AE)

– Stellar Systems (SE)

– Instrumentation and Astronomical Site Characterization (ICSA)

– Interstellar Medium (MI)

– Compact Objects and High-Energy Processes (OCPAE)

– Sun and Heliosphere (SH)

– Solar and Extrasolar Systems (SSE)

– History, Teaching and Spreading of Astronomy (HEDA)

– Other Topics (O)

  • Invited Speakers

– Raúl Angulo, DIPC, (AEC)

– Melina Bersten, UNLP (SN)

– Rodrigo Díaz, IAFE (SSE)

– Manuela Zoccali, MAS/PUC (EG)

– Britt Lundgren, SDSS  (HEDA)

– Lorenzo Mónaco, UNAB (SE)

– Cristina Mandrini, IAFE (SH)

– Karla Peña, UA  (AE)

– Mónica Rubio, UCH (MI)

– Florencia Vieyro, FCAGLP (OCPAE)

  • Social Agenda

Conference Dinner: Dinner is expected to be scheduled for Wednesday night at a different venue. The location and date will be announced soon.

Telescope visits: Some telescope visits are being scheduled for Wednesday 10 starting at 12:00. A minimum fee will be requiredto cover the costs of transportation. More details will be announced soon.

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