Workshop Nacional de Estudiantes de Astronomía

This workshop aims to integrate in a single meeting students from Astronomy and other related areas (Physics, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Geology, etc.) performing astronomy-related reserach at different Chilean universities. This is a great opportunity for students not only to share their research progress, but also to create multidisciplinary collaborations with other students.

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Star Formation From Cores to Clusters

Santiago, Chile, March 6 - 9, 2017
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Scientific Rationale

We aim to bring together astronomers who are pursuing a variety of strategies to contribute in answering the question: “What constitutes a prototypical low-mass star forming region from core to cluster scales?” This question refers specifically to the formation of low-mass stars, but it also can incorporate, for example, higher-mass stars that form in environments shared with low-mass stars, parallels between low- and high-mass star formation, starless cores, brown dwarfs, planetary formation simultaneous with low-mass star formation, and related topics. We suggest that all contributions present observations (from any wavelength) and/or numerical simulation to provide a perspective that is crucial for a comprehensive understanding of low-mass star forming regions.

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“Towards Science in Chile with LSST" 2016

Viña de Mar, Chile, December 12-13, 2016

Based on the success of the first LSST-Chile Workshop on Nov 19-21, 2015, we are now organizing the second version of what hopefully will become a yearly activity: the "Towards Science in Chile with LSST" 2016 workshop. The main motivation for this workshop is to address how prepared are we, as Chilean community, for the avalanche of LSST data and more importantly what research we hope to do with these data. With this in mind, we are organizing a two-days meeting in which members of the Chilean community can present and discuss their ideas to make the best use of the LSST data and multi wavelength follow-up studies, ranging from solar system and planetary science to high redshift galaxies and cosmology.

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Astrobiology 2017 - Research meeting by IAU’s commission F3

Coyhaique, Chile, November 26th to December 1st, 2017

First Annoucement

On behalf of its Scientific Organizing Committee, I would like to distribute the first annoucement of "Astrobiology 2017", held between November 26th and December 1st in Coyhaique, Chile.

Astrobiology is an interdisciplinary subject at the frontier of science. Current research in astrobiology draws researchers from the fields of astronomy, space science, chemistry, biology, geology, humanities, sociology and ethical issues.

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XIV Annual Meeting 2017


January 23-26, 2017

Marbella air 2

We would like to welcome you to the XIV Annual Meeting of the Chilean Astronomical Society (SOCHIAS), to be held January 23-26, 2017 in Marbella resort, Maitencillo. An ever expanding opportunity to showcase science made in Chile and to build new collaborations

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Accretion Processes in Symbiotic Stars and Related Objects


La Serena, Chile, December 4 - 7, 2016

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We are pleased to announce a joint Chile-Korea-Gemini workshop on accretion processes ​in symbiotic stars and related objects, to be held on December 4-7, 2016 in La Serena - Chile

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