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Instructions for the authors

Latex contributions

All the abstract must be written using LATEX, following the BAAA style.

You can download the file here: link

The submits abstracts will be published without modifications in the Abstracts Associations Notebook (CAAA).

It does not allow the use of \newcommand or definitions of each author.

The file prepared with BAAA style must begin with the next instructions:







These lines must not be modified, and the publications descriptions either.




The elements that define the content are:














Title of the abstract


Short title or supplementary title, and this will be shown under the title


Short title, and it is shown in the heading of the article pages, except the first page. Must have at least 40 spaces and in the selected language


List of authors in the following format:

\author{A.C. Rovero\inst{1}, L.J. Pellizza\inst{2} \& M. Lares\inst{3}}

The membership must be complete with the command \inst{}. The format of the authors is:  initials of the name, last name


The summary list of authors, for example "Rovero et al." or "Penzias & Wilson"


Information of the contact, for example


For the constructions of the membership of the authors. It works with the combinations of \inst


Here you should describe the abstract


the keywords related to the article topic, separated with the dash

The next command must be completed mandatorily





1. Poster

2. Oral

3. Invited report

4. Round table


0. Spanish

1. English


11 [AEC]: Extragalactic Astrophysics and Cosmology

12 [EG]: Galactic Structure

13 [AE]: Stellar Astrophysics

14 [SE]: Stellar Systems

15 [ICSA]: Instrumentation and Astronomical Site Characterization

16 [MI]: Interstellar Medium

17 [OCPAE]: Compact Objects and High-Energy Processes

18 [SH]: Sun and Heliosphere

19 [SSE]: Solar and Extrasolar Systems

21 [HEDA]: History, Teaching and Spreading of Astronomy

22 [O]:  Other Topics



To compile the example and generated the PDF file, you should proceed as follows:

   pdflatex instructivo-baaa

   bibtex instructivo-baaa

   pdflatex instructivo-baaa

   pdflatex instructivo-baaa


The compilations are realized in several steps because using cross-references created auxiliary files.

It is possible realized all the steps using the next script (link)

The argument is the name of the file. For example, if the author is prepared an article and create a file call name-lastName.tex, it can be compiled using

./ name-lastName.tex


The figure of the articles must be in PDF, JPG or PNG. Not be allow the PS/EPS format.


Last update: June 1, 2018


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